The Art Of Growing Old

My mother went through three years of deep personal impacts since 2014, first the passing of my brother. Then she went through a period of declining health, both cognitively and physically. However, she is a very resiliently lady, and she bounced back beautifully.
She is very fortunate that after a year of waiting within the health care system, she is accepted into a culturally sensitive senior home near her old neighbourhood in Vancouver’s Chinatown.
I visit with her whenever I can. The following observations etched deeply into my memory bank during these visits.
One: As we grow older, we better find or rekindle some sort of hobbies, like painting, music, or book reading.
Two: Have some form of exercise regiment built into our daily activities.
Three: Cultivate a support circle of friends that we can have a sympathetic ear or a shoulder to cry on.
Reason for the above? ” If you don’t use it, you lose it! ”

Father Time does not play favours for no one. As my long retired family doctor once said: ” 1/3 of us are going to live to a healthy old age. 1/3 of us are going to die of some dreadful diseases. 1/3 of us are going to die from accidents. ”

I don’t know accurate his info source is, nor do I care as I myself is inching toward my own retirement years. One thing for sure though, practice those three suggestions will lead to a less lonely twilight years. “We came alone”, chances are good that”we will go alone”, make it as smooth as we can, that will be our “last assignment”!

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