Day four in HK – 23/ Sept/ 2011

I will fly up to Ningbo tomorrow. Really looking forward to it. Last night I went have dinner with family in Mongkok. A district that I used to live when I was a kid. People, people, everywhere. Amazing!
My sister said HK has 7 and 1/2 million of residents.  A lot of new immigrants in the last few years. Local young generation just not too kin on raising a family.

I notice people eat out a lot, many eateries, some does well, some not so much. Pricing wise is very . comparable if you convert it back to Canadian.  We took a bus # 171 back to Aberdeen. About twenty minutes one way at about 8 pm. Not bad, but then rush hour was almost  over.

City transits are provided by three bus companies and the subway system. Plenty of units running and very frequent.
Weather wise today is decent, not too hot, apparently last week it was 34 C everyday!

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2 Responses to Day four in HK – 23/ Sept/ 2011

  1. Chris Oram says:

    We are reading your blog with interest, so very different to our experiences! Guess us being white Anglo-Saxons has something to do with it!

    • sidney says:

      Hi, Chris: Thank you for your comment, by the way would you please give me your site again, for the life of me, It is ” Chris and _____? ” Sorry, . Sid

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