HI all

I have been in HK for three days now. The weather is great ( I mean warm !)  Abut 28 C during day time, with a humidity of 68% or so. UNLIKE SUMMER TIME ! Now this time locally we will consider it ” Fall”

This coming Saturday, I will fly up to Ningbo, the flight will be about two and a half hours. ….

Yesterday I spent a bit of a day walking around the neighborhood. One can not really appreciate a place with its vibration, characistics and tone until you spend and allow two to three days to sink in.

Anyways, I bought a desk mouse to compliment my little Net Book, the slide pad on the unit is a bit of a pain to use some times.

HK is a rather compact city, I met my sister at the end of line of the airport local fast train – it runs every 18 minutes and cover five stops terminal to terminal in about half an hour, one way costs $ 100 HK. With a sales come on of a free return trip free!  ON the same day only !
I reckon it is to attract locals to pick up their out of town guests.  Otherwise who is going to use the  return portion of the deal?

Anyways , it is two thirty Thursday morning HK time, jet lag central! I think I am going to the fridge for a cold one ! More to come in a few days ! BFN

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