Children in the factory

Children In The Factories

A phenomenon perhaps we from the West do not realize that good steady work force in China of course hinges a lot on wages, accommodations, and sometimes if the employers are willing to let the rest of the family to come and stay with the main bread earner in the factory dormitory.

I have seen a few young children playing out on the front lawn of some neighborhood factory, and my host said, “Indeed, employer sometimes in order to maintain the stability of the work force will bend some rules.”

Another situation is: Young, restless, transient workers: Since China relaxes the movement of her citizens, it is a bit iffy to hire good stable entry level work force.
Some employer makes it a policy not to hire young people with visible body tattoos.
But then tattoo is a worldwide youthful expression, you might miss a good entry level worker if you judge him/her on that long ago tattoo alone.

Anyways, every other day, we will have a worker quit, or hints at quitting, so maintain a steady pool of committed, knowledgeable workers is a challenge.


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