The 27 year old who got beaten…….

The twenty seven year old who got beaten up by his dad……… (癡情的大傻)

This is the dilemma with a rural setting backdrop. A strapping young man who has fallen head over heels with a young lady in the same area, she apparently is petite according to farming standard.

The girl’s family wanted 70,000 RMB for letting her go (so to speak). It is custom in rural area that the potential bride’s family can demand, and depends on the potential groom and his family’s ability to oblige or pay up.

A lot of times, because the young man’s family can not afford to pay up. The enamored couple just eloped, and let their family deal with the situation.

In this situation the girl’s family insisted on the sum, not a cent less. At the mean time the boy’s family can only cough up $ 50,000 RMB in cash. It is a big deal here that a young man wants to get marry – to carry on with the family name – to produce a heir eventually – that’s the goal!

His family in the mean time built him a brand new house next to the family home, asked him to have tea with many other single young ladies in the area, but the young man only wants “her”, after many fruitless tea meets.

To make a long story short, one day the old man got fed up, I guess with the fuel of some home brew, got up during dinner, and proceed to give his son a severe beating. He received the beating like any good son, did not fight back. Then here is the kicker, the young man’s uncle got up and administered another beating to him as well.

I heard the young man at the moment gave up hope of living; he forced his head into a plate glass window. And got himself badly cut. If not for the intervention of his best friend, he would have bled to death.

Now he is disowned by his family, his best friend got him a job in the factory; I could not wait when he starts working. I like to see, feel, observe why in China, we so treasure an heir.

I have an idea why, but I will leave it for another day.

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