Do Not Write a Cheque You Can Not Cash

Line supervisor Wang threatened to withdraw from overtime duty the other evening. His intention caused a bit of concern in the factory’s management broad room.

Considering his wife whom also works there just had a baby four months ago, a few months before delivery this lady was given light duty instead of having to sit in front of
the sewing machine all day. After delivery – management helped them apply a kind of child saving program equivalent to North America’s education fund.

Wang’s mother also moves in with them in the small couple unit to care for the little baby girl, from all accounts, the little family has two wage earner, lodging is provided. They make their own meals of their own choice. Understandably the family might want to cook their foods that appease their own palate.

Trouble starts when Wang did not receive the “bonus” that upper management announced last month. The purpose of this “bonus” is to promote quality work, it is not a wage increase, rather the amount of bonus received will be directly reflected on how an operator performed on his or her duties.

Soon after this bonus system was announced, management told me that some worker will no doubt take this extra as their ‘monies in the pocket” without even thinking how to improve their performance. Some of them no doubt will be greatly upset if they don’t get it.

It was exactly what happened, Wang did not get is, because he had many days of absent in the month prior. The assistant factory manager helped Wang out by looking after his production line, gave Wang his own production quota. So that Wang’s line workers will receive the bonus for those who earned it.

Unfortunately for Wang himself, he did not qualify and therefore did not receive this bonus. Wang got upset and lined up another line supervisor on the floor to refuse overtime, on top of that he even hinted at the possibility of quitting.

I personally doubted he will carry out his threats. Even in China at this moment we have a short fall of thirty four million workers, a number probably exceed the present Canadian population. To have an employer who would accommodate his and his family’s needs and then some. To pull a stunt like that on the whim was just low ball.

Anyways, the boss called him bluff, and told him that the decision was his and his alone. Meeting adjourned.

He showed up for overtime and had not quitted.

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