The Day We Toured Jiuzhai Valley National Park

The Day we toured Jiuzhai Valley National Park:

To be honest, I had my doubts when our tour bus arrived at the front gates of the Tourist Reception Center, because as usual, there were hundreds of if not thousands of people milling around inside and outside the admission turnstiles.

When I saw that, I threaded to see the littering, the puking, throat clearing and spitting that sure will follow. ….

Well, rushing for buses did materialize, I asked myself, “ Why we need to rush, there are plenty of site transport bus that offer non stop, all day minibus that shuttles ALL paid patrons the convenience of free pick ups and drop offs. Unfortunately some of us still feel that without the shouting, rushing, and pushing, it would not feel normal. “

There were at least 15 scenic lookouts, and at each look out, there were at least couple of hundreds of visitors taking pictures, posting for each other. I also had my share of photos with my Canon Power Shot S3.

To be perfectly honest, despite all the tourists on site, the environment around you was so serene, perfect, untouched, and natural; every picture taken is a perfect salon shot.

The water was clear, blue, and bubbly, and there was evident of calcium and other minerals presented. But fishes were present in the water. I guess after thousands of years, they adopted the local environment.

In spite of my sometimes acid outlook, I must give the organization that runs this national park very high mark for running a big national park like this in such a smooth manner. My hat is off for them.

In area where bathroom facilities are deemed harmful to nature, they have a full sized tour bus converted to a mobile bathroom for both sexes. And they are clean. I think it just might be a first in the world official website.

I was tempted to put down a few local names for these scenic points. But it was a pleasant surprise that a website is available on the Internet:

Please do check it out.

Juizhai National Park is a top notch national park indeed,
In my next post, I will retrace our river cruise trip down the Yangtze River Three Gorges – From Chong Qing (重慶) to Yiechang(宜 昌 )

Stay tune.

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One Response to The Day We Toured Jiuzhai Valley National Park

  1. Dale Babcook says:

    Very enjoyable descriptions of the trip
    Seems to be no end of variety, interesting places
    Really liked the neighborly dancing in the park even if not to Andy Williams tunes
    Thanks to Hing NG for this lovely descriptive experience…sounds like living life to the fullest, you’ve certainly got much more energy than many, good on you.

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