This is about Edward – A Tribute

A classmate of ours passed away Decemeber/10th/2011in Hong Kong.

This is about Edward – A Tribute

I knew Edward since we were teenagers; it was when we studied in Aberdeen Technical School for those six interesting years.

He came across to me as shy, a bit of an introvert, but if you got to know him. You know he has a gentle soul, quiet spoken, sometimes outspoken, and at times loudly outspoken!  It was a quality that some of us quietly admired. I was one of those people.

He was a government sponsored student like me. We all had a student number, his number was #80, and mine was #30. We all had a nick name, mine was 大胃王, his was 生番, kids could be cruel at times, but everybody’s nicknames stuck to this day.

As I recall, Ed’s was brought up by his widowed mother. Six forming years went by quickly. After we graduated, we went our separate ways.

I believed Ed worked for Cable/ Wireless until sometime ago, by the way, if I got it wrong, please let me know. I will do my best to straighten it out.

I believe it was during the Eighties when Ed, his then significant other and the apple of his eyes – their daughter – Molly made Vancouver their home. We visited each other a few times, situation changed and Ed moved back to HK to continue his career.

Next time we met was during our forty years graduation anniversary in 2008 generic clomid online canada. The whole bunch of us visited Wuyishan, Fujian, China together. Ed, I, and all the kids we used to know had a great time. A grand old great time!

I believe it was 林偉的太太 who penned those memorable words: 流金一縷, 四十千秋 in one of our pre-trip correspondences. Time flies.

Ed, you have left us for a better place now, whether we call it 天堂 or 極樂世界, it is the same. Those who got left behind will have to deal with Life as it continues to unfold before us. We will have good times, and bad times, good or bad, they made us strong.

I called you on December / 3rd/ 2011.

We chatted, and you sounded resolved, stoic, and determined. Little did we know, that the friend we fondly remembered as 生番 was enduring so much.

We made promises that we will meet when I got to Hong Kong.

Ed, in deed we will. Bye for now!

Sidney 2011-12-13

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