Time to go home.

Good Morning!

Today is 19th/December/2011.

I have been on the road for three months now, and it is time to go home. The last two weeks I have been in HK. HK is a rather small place, from the tip of Kowloon at a point nearest HK Island – to the boarder between China and HK – It takes about an hour if the traffic is decent. So it is about 90 kilometers. They have seven million inhabitants, not including travelers from all over the world.

HK these days – co exists harmoniously with her motherland. From all indications, it is a win-win situation. Indeed we are very blessed in this hamlet. I have many favorable impressions and fond memories of the massive piece of land up north. And I am blessed with a peaceful and accident free holiday.

I will continue to jog down interesting happenings that have escaped me to share with you.

Have a wonderful holiday, Christmas, New Year, and the Lunar Chinese New Year – 2012 – Year of the Dragon.

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