Fresh fishes!

Near our factory there was a bridge overpass that crosses a small river, fresh water, not too big or swift, nevertheless it is a pretty river. Sometimes, you saw anglers fishing in the morning or mid afternoon, never stayed long enough to see if anyone caught any fish, or if they were good sizes. The bridge is not very big, mind you, but it was a four lane, two going west, and two going east.

From time to time, I noticed there was vendor or sometimes vendors, selling what appeared to be swimming fishes in plastic containers. Curiosity got the better of me, and I asked my walking companion if these fishes are indeed freshly caught from under this bridge?

My friend looked at me with half a smile, said,” Sid, if they are caught right here, this bridge would have to be the hottest fishing spot in all of the China! And there are many hot fishing spot in this city! If you would believe me!” (more smile)

“What do you mean? “ Like a dump tourist I asked.

“The fishing rods that hanged out over the bridge are just a come on, vendors are just saying that these fishes are freshly hooked, but they are not caught here! They are from the markets. They can fetch better prices than selling them in fish markets. People think they are buying the freshest!”

‘Wow!” I marveled at the ingenuity of my fellow Chinese brothers. ‘Good on you!”

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