Taking volunteerism to a new height !

I was in the hospital Sunday doing my shift in the unit.

That’s what I do during my assigned shift as a volunteer; I offer refreshments such a coffee, tea, or any other thing the patient or family might like, such as getting a book from the library, adjusting the bed side table for breakfast purpose, anything.

If the patient or the family is up to it, we will also engage them in light conversations; it is very natural for people wanting to connect at trying times. No man is an island. We all wanted to be loved and understood.

It was under such circumstance that I strike up a conversation with a male patient and a lady I first thought was his wife, for they seemed very tuned in and comfortable with each other.

The gentleman appeared rather frail, but he is a fighter. Has a wonderful smile on his face all the time I was chatting with them.

During the brief chat, the lady I assumed was his spouse turned out to be his ex-wife; they have lived in the same city all this time after going separate ways.

But after the confirmation of his terminal disease, with the blessing of her new husband, they invited him to stay with them, so they can take care of his needs as a patient, because he has no immediate family in the city.

We walked him back to his room together after awhile, because he needs his rest. I am most impressed with what she said,” We could not live together as man and wife. But as good friends, I like to walk with him in this stage of his journey.”

My deepest admiration for this lady and her new family, she does it not because she has to, but because she wanted to. A selfless soul indeed.

As a volunteer I still have a lot to learn.

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