School Security

China is a big country, has many populous cities, many souls living in these cities, and many kids going to schools daily, as is with any other parts of the world.

In the last few years, there have been reports of deranged men barging into some local schools, waving axes or large knives, intending to do innocent children harm, and in some instances, kids were maimed or even killed. Parents of course were heart broken and feeling hopeless and grieving helplessly when the carnages happened.

Things started changing in terms of entry security measures, all kindergartens within the city limits that I see all have one or two uniformed security guard guarding the school entry ways. Some more expensive school even issue access card to parent(s) who accompany their little ones to school in the morning. No access card, no entry, that’s what I understand.

To school of a lesser caliber (I mean on a school fee scale), there would be a guard standing by the entrance way for sure to ensure no strangers are allowed beyond the front gate of the school. Whether these securities have any past experiences in the public safety or security field that I don’t know, I doubt it very much. Some carry a small wooden baton together with the green or blue uniform on their backs. Some just have the uniform on. In some ways, I think they just act as ear and eye for the school during school hours.

Electric gates are very popular in Chinese school compounds; the gate is operated by an electric motor controlled by a remote button in the guard house, delivery truck and other vehicles will have to stop in front of the guard house to gain permissions for entry.

China has a quarter of the world’s population, and there are a lot of students, competitions for a higher education is fierce, a lot of them opted for opportunities to study aboard, news last week indicating that in the Province of BC Canada alone, we have roughly sixty four thousand Chinese foreign students study here.

Sixty four thousand!

In my mind, I can still see and hear the little kindergarten students assembled in the school yards in the mornings, singing the Chinese National Anthem…

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