Second Day

It is my 2nd day in Ningbo, my friend took me around town in mid day, there is a strange sort of familiarity, and the traffic still is a bit of chaotic, other vehicles, large or small, still cut in front of you without signaling, pedestrians still are at their own perils if they do not watch out for their own safety while crossing the streets, electric bikes still dashing in and out of traffics to get ahead a few inches. Where would all this go? I spectculate that it will find its own level in many years down the road.

A local friend mused to the fact that citizens at large just found that they can express their feeling and go for their personal freedom and space through owning their own private cars. And local government agencies make it easy for them. Parking still is a problem, people still ignore signs prohibiting illegal parking, fender benders are frequent, but people seem to take it rather well.

I went to a hot pot place in West Bay Road ( 西灣路 ) near The Auchan Supermarket in the heart of down town Ningbo, a hole in the wall establishment, the cooking area is behind a glassed in area, customers walk in, there is a refrigerated display case with all the choices already in skillets. One can either be vegetarian or a meat eater, you pick what you like to eat, and they cook them for you. Three servings and three large cold beers later, the bill came to RMB 42 dollars. About Cdn 7 bucks. I think I will come again for sure!

We took delivery of a bunch of Moon Cake from a bakery and dropped them off to the factory where my friend runs. Local school has one week off, and most factories, offices give one day off to the workers.

About three in the afternoon, fatigue and jet lag finally took hold of me, and I crashed and into a comatoise sleep. It was still 29C outdoors and humidity around 75%.

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