The Truth be told

Let the truth be told.

There is a popular reality show in the local Ningbo channel. The English translation would be roughly,” The Old Uncle”
It is a bit like Doctor Phil – A psychiatrist – in our popular day time talk show, people with issues with their families, spouse, or whatever, would appear on Dr. Phil’s show, air their grief and take in some fatherly advice from Dr. Phil.

Except this Dr. Phil has got help, “Old Uncle” would call in help from expert from different areas of concern find more information. The segment in that particular evening was about a husband and a father – who has grave doubt that their son in his mid 20’s is really his own blood and flesh, between the father and the mother, unfortunately the son – who in any stretch of truth – was the innocent bystander of a love triangle, if indeed the accusation from the husband is true.
We have just that kind of a show in Ningbo, we the people from the Orient, are known to be a fair bit conservative in keeping their private life private.

The son, I gathered, didn’t really needed to be there, all it takes in this day and age, a paternity test, why drag it all out in front of millions of TV audiences?

The wife in not so many words, challenged her spouse for a paternity test, in the show she let it be known that she had no other love interest. The son obvious was disappointed at his dad for being such knuckle head, the entire dad seemed concerned was the family property in case there was a positive out come that their son was not his own.

In the expert panel, there was a lawyer, a police office, a social worker, and “Old Uncle” was there to be the moderator.
I didn’t not follow this particular show to the end; for I think no parents should subject their (grown) children to this sort of negative experience.

No matter how strongly as spouses they think where their relationship is at.
No one, especially their son should subject to such humiliation, May be there is a financial incentive that the TV station would offer the participants, certainly not a claim to frame!
This particular segment probably rank pretty low in the mind of the audiences!

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