What happened to the guard dog?

What happened to the guard dog?
The episode with the dog bite did not end there, the factory has to be seen to do something, to prevent future reoccurrences, however, we could not rid of the dog, we need them to guard the compound, and we also need to ensure the workers that these animals are not vicious, it is just that we need to be more vigilant around dogs, especially those got chained up all day, all night.
Dogs are social animals; they want to interact with people.
The decision came down that the male dog that bit would be neutered; I was wondering what the vets would do in a situation like these, and the cost that associates with this procedure Do they have animal hospitals in the area?
On a sunny afternoon before lunch, my question in my mind was answered, two guys who dressed causally rode pass the gate on an electric bike, they looked like any other millions of workers riding their electric bike to work everyday.
Lo and behold, these two are the vets, or better say, country vets. They might be partimers for all we know. Everything here is negotiable, with my limited capacity in the language, I knew they are negotiating a price, the men wanted $650 RBM, my friend talked them down to $400 RMB or there about.
We didn’t ask to see the surgical equipment, neither did they offer, all they said was that they will be back after lunch and do the deed. As for the female guard dog, they declined to perform, as the procedure is more involved, and they frankly said they did not know how.
My friend and I did not have the stomach to be around the factory site, as the procedure probably would not include the application of anesthetic on the animal, the howling and crying from the dog would probably be unbearable from our point of view.
After lunch, during which we downed a few beers, speaking of beers, a brand of locally brewed beer with the name of “Snow Flakes” is very popular amongst locals, it costs about less than a Dollar Canadian per bottle, OR equipment other than a sharp knife? I hope.
From thousand years of folk wisdom, neutering male animals was the only way to prevent dominant farm animals from untoward behaviors and injuries to other animals when they are in heat, because anything could have happened. A few days later, all blood stains on the ground were washed away by rain.
Life goes back to normal. The male dog appeared a bit more subdue and docile. The workers got their shots from the hospital had no side effects, other than a few stretches. Time healed all wounds, including the dog’s!

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