Hello again!

Today is 2015/06/1st. I have not been diligently updating on my little piece of the blog. You know what? I will from now on.
I have not really going anywhere other than staying put in Vancouver in the last two years where we call home for 42 years ago.
People grow old, society changes, families spread afar. We all experience pain, happiness, desperations, trials and trepidations. and obligations.
I have retired from my job as a mechanical systems maintenance technician for four years now, but have since going back part time. Not out of boredom, there are always plenty to do, but to be honest, one needs to feel “belonged”.
We spend the better part of forty years in our work lives in the average. To be out of that picture all of a sudden is sometimes hard to do. I guess I am one of those people.
I will relate some of my thoughts about Life and Death to you next time. It is a bit about my volunteer work in my spare time. By for now!

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