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Today being a quiet Saturday and all, my one and only bag is packed. I like travel light. My city Vancouver has had a very erratic summer, or hardly any summer at all. You brink once, and it is time to turn the furnace back on for the Fall.

I am going to a city on the north eastern seaboard of China by the name of Ningbo, “ningbo”,  in Chinese language means calm waves, the city last count has a population of about two million or so people.

I don’t know the city, nor have I ever been there. A friend of mine who works and lives there was gracious enough to line me up with a work/ cultural experience for three months. I will report to you all how I feel as a overseas Chinese person who has never spent any extended period of time in my ancestral home land – from time to time.

I look forward to this enriching and rewarding experience, and I shall duly convey my experience to you.

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