My three days here as a tourist.

2011-09-25th Sunday – Ningbo – Tour around town

First morning in Ningbo, my pal picked us up from the hotel, the hotel itself locates off down town, pretty nice, about three stars, costs $ 230 Yuan a day. Has a restaurant on the ground floor. They call our first floor – “second floor” in China.

We drove to a place called the “Moon Lake” (月湖), they have a little museum attached to it. Surprisingly the city feels spacious, and none rushing, unlike HK. To tell the truth, I do not remember exactly what I saw, a lot of dwarf trees and stone works in the form of Miniature Mountains, which in the area we call south of the Yangtze River (江 南) is famous for.

In north America way, it is a bit of a like Dr. Sun Yat Sin Garden in Vancouver’s China town. I believe when they built that garden, the community had to invited the artisans from Yangtze River (江 南) area.

We then went over to another area by the name of “Kindness Lake” (池湖), it has a very nicely done up tea house, it is a bit pricy, tea for four people; it ran about $200 Yuan. More than a day’s wages for some people. I was told.

Funny thing, it has a Naval Base for the navy here. I don’t know why it needed protection here, but it exists. 

We had a very nice fish dinner near by the town center, where my friend knows some people, I don’t know if we had a discount.

We talked about the difficulty of doing business here sometimes; one really needs a deep pocket and street savvy, if you know what I mean. Many layers of obstacles, and protocol along the way, a lot of trial and trial, ..then you found yourself erred!!

Alright, yesterday was 27th, we went walking around town, checked out prices in a mall here called Tian-Yi Mall, (天 一 廣場) . We found the prices are the same or higher as compares with HK. Yet people are buying, for name brands, I guessed.
My sisters will go home today, and I will start my learning process here.

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  1. Bruce Ng says:

    you gotta post some pictures Dad!! photos, or it didn’t happen!! haha!! =)

  2. sidney says:

    I tried quite a few times to post a picture with this report, should the picture be on this page?

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