City of Bailun (北輪港) Trip

Bailun is a fairly newly developed city with about the fifth of sixth in capacity or size in this part of the region. It is about 45 minutes to an hour from down town Ningbo.

There are super highway being constructed in and out of this city – it is constructed and supported with huge pillars underneath in every section, by the look of it, it is for load capacity of the semi-trailers wheeling in and out of the city.

Modern high-rises are being built along the main road going in. Very modern and from the outside are every bit at par with any Asian cities, unfortunately, building maintenance on the outside curtain walls of any apartments are not very evident in any building around town anywhere. Even though maintenance fees are levied to owners, sadly I understand the sums collected are mainly have a bunch of doormen employed for gate keeping purposes.
There are new vehicles everywhere; traffic and parking are often problematic and chaotic.
Sure, China is an emerging economic giant on the world stage, China and her people work hard for it, and they know it, play time comes after hard work, new cars are very reasonably priced – people buy them like hot cakes, to stimulate economy and encourage spending, local government allows it. But driving culture still has a long way to catch up with our five thousand years of civilization, we are at infancy still. One has to have the nerve of steel to survive driving in and out of town. Having been here for two weeks now, daily life experiences has gradually taken over and surpassed the romantic notion of the ancient China.
We also have a little walk in a local scenic attraction call the Nine Peak Mountain (九峯山)
It has toll gate, and it charges $30 per adult for admissions. I went to the bathroom, and my host bought the tickets.
Then we found out I might be qualified for a senior free admission, we never pursue the matter though, in here, buyers bewared, you paid, you are stuck with it.

I guess, “Asking a lot of question first works anywhere in the world. “
The scenic route is well maintain, well worth it if you are fit in hiking, not as challenging as Grouse Grind, the route is longer, but can be leisurely if you want it be.

Anyways, bye for now.

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