The Employment big picture of China:

China’s urban work force has employed a lot of her younger generation aged from early twenties to mid thirties.

This work force has become increasingly mobile and is not willing to settle on one particular job that does not pay reasonably well as compared to other employers in the production and goods manufacturing industry.
In another words, retaining good workers is a problem within all sectors of employment.

This is especially acute when the Chinese Lunar New Year rolls around, when young people go home for their two weeks holiday, some would take this opportunity to find their mate (相親 ) or planning to change their jobs.

Some workers in the entry level jobs who have gained sufficient experience within the ranks would scheming for a higher pay grade after the holiday season, or they would not hesitate threatening quitting.

They know as well as the employers that the jobs are go begging, and the jobs are not training every entry workers for a better prospect, so they quit for a buck more and move on to next door.

Young people the world over wants luxury goods, every other kids has an I phone. The malls are full of youngsters cruising, wearing brand name runners or jeans. It might cause them half a month’s wages. But most factories offer lodging and three meals a day to attract out of town workers.

So it saves the workers a fair bit if they do not need to worry about food and rent. Thus a better retention rate of employees.

Today is Saturday. Second last day of China’s national holiday week, Next week the rush hour traffic in and out of the downtown core would be in full force, funny thing, the urban drivers here have not, or seem not feeling the pain of gasoline, and most of the time you see single occupant vehicles.

My contact told me that having a vehicle is a bit of a status of the new China, but like I said, “ a bit of tough stance on the road is still a good surviving technique that you need. “

Anyways, I went to Bailun Port this morning to look at some container home/office being constructed, a huge complex owned and run by a forty something entrepreneur.

Given the fact that they constructed and made up all jigs and over head cranes for manufacturing; my hat is off for their courage and ballsy approach to doing business.

After a lengthy hour long inspection of the site, we were treated to a luncheon. A fish hot pot accompanied with a very spirited conversation, helped by a bottle of local spirit called “Liquid from five Grains” (五 娘 液) with 52% content.

Running a business of any kind requires a lot of business accruements, common sense, and foresight. My staying here so far gives me a better and up close look at the operations from every angle.

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