Work ethic, work custom, or just plain bad habit?

The building I am in has some rain water sipped in through the outside curtain wall into the inside of the building, and over time, caused the wall paint in the inside to peel off.

We have two workmen showed up at quarter to eight to make assessments, and they started work at about 9:30am with all the tools of the trade, all was well, and they seemed to know what they were doing, they even showed up with some safety belt, because it involved outside wall at a height about two hundred feet.

Anyways, two hours later, they stopped for lunch, which was understandable, and they promptly returned after forty minutes. I was secretly admiring their work ethic, thinking the repair would be finished not before long.

I got a bit of a shock a bit later, when I found one workman having a noon siesta on a bench, and another wandering around the corridor of the building.

I asked the guy who was napping if he was alright; he replied he was just tired, the other guy wanted to know if a sliding gate which guards the outside windows could be opened. I found the keys for the sliding gate propecia pills. Problem solved. But in my mind, I really wanted to get the job moving along so it could be done in one day.

But there wasn’t really anything that I could do to get the two workmen to move along until they were ready, and thankfully after about 15 minutes, they did.

Every country, every region has a bit of its own habits and accepted practices, I know noon naps are sometimes turned a blind eye, provided it does not last an hour or longer.

Hour long noon lunches are long gone these days, guess I have a ways to go in accepting what locals sometimes do, like double parking in busy streets, like littering to his/hers convenient, like spitting out of their own car windows, or chatting dreamily into their cell phones while behind their wheels.

Granted, these phenomenons do not happen frequently, but it happened frequent enough to irk an outsider (外 地 人) like myself, which is what they call me.

I refused to be labeled a foreigner (老外) though in my daily encounter with my colleagues, and it seemed to work. They all think I am an outsider with a bad case of Mandarin now!

Well, the two guys are back to repair the cracks on the outside wall, may be the siesta really helped the guy who had to work outside the curtain wall half dangling two hundred feet up in the air. Guess I should not be too harsh with people; everybody has a \story to tell.

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